Bloco B specialise in Brazilian samba and stage shows as well as offering weekly training and masterclass workshops in Bristol, UK.

We are a vibrant community of drummers and dancers, many of whom have travelled to Brazil to learn from leadings artists, masters and teachers to discover the fascinating and rich roots of samba. Our passionate teachers run weekly classes to share their knowledge and experience of samba drumming and dance. We always welcome new members.

Bloco B offer stage shows for festivals and events. Please get in touch to find out more. We challenge you not to move and be moved!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality performances, productions and drum and dance instruction, honouring and respecting the roots of samba, a cultural art form from Brazil, with a deep history.

We seek to continue to learn from the source, both travelling to Brazil and inviting guest artists.

We aim to create a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment, nourishing our community in Bristol and building connections with our greater samba community both in the UK and around the world.

Our Values

We value the opportunities that we have had to learn about the art and history of samba and the people who have lived and breathed this cultural art form and helped shape it both in Brazil and around the world.


Bloco B honours the musical traditions of Brazilian samba which inspire our professional artists, teachers and community.


Bloco B believes in fairness, community involvement and the promotion of positive attitudes, respect and inclusion.


Bloco B builds connections across communities in Bristol, the UK, Europe and Brazil. Together we can build powerful movements for artistic, cultural and social change and development.


Bloco B was born out of Bristol’s ‘Bloco dos Sujos’ (directed by Paul Baxter) in 2018 and continues to teach, perform and celebrate samba under the new leadership of Terry Moore and musical director Matt Manley. Emphasis is on creating authentic versions of samba music using rhythm, song, melody and dance. To achieve this we blend percussion and drumming (bateria) with singers, cavaquinho players and dancers.

We strive for excellence by providing a platform for our members to perform and enjoy Afro-Brazilian culture through music and dance. This involves a rich programme of workshops and events for beginners and experienced musicians and dancers by bringing in a high calibre of teachers and performers from around the samba community.

We have built strong links with local and international groups involved in the same genre of music, including the London School of Samba, Paraíso School of Samba in London and Portela Escola de Samba in Rio de Janeiro, to name but a few.